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Our Story

It all began with a Pekin drake that wandered into a Ruby Tuesday parking lot.

We brought him home and named him Ruby.

Ruby liked his new home, but he was lonely for ducky companionship, so we adopted a female Pekin and named her Pearl.

Shortly after her arrival she started laying eggs and we were hooked.

We now have a small mixed flock of Pekin, Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin, and Metzer 300 layers. Our ducks are humanely raised with plenty of room to forage and swim.

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What do duck eggs taste like?

They taste like an egg, only more so.   They are richer, creamier, and the yolks are huge.

How do I cook them?

Duck eggs can be used just like chicken eggs.  When scrambling or frying, they should be cooked a little more gently.

Do you sell hatching eggs?

Not per se. Our eggs are washed and refrigerated as required by Pennsylvania code for edible eggs. This is not optimal for hatching eggs.

However, we do have a mixed flock of ducks and drakes, so they are most-likely fertilized.  If you have an incubator, some of them may hatch.

Where do I buy them?

Our eggs can be purchased on farm.

We are usually here the following times

Monday 9am- 9pm

Tuesday – Sunday 6pm – 9pm

Quantities are limited, so we recommend you contact us  first.

Call or Text: (814) 419-9925


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