EarthMovers Farm

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Our Story

We are a small family farm who chose to start raising our own food.  We did this because we felt a moral responsibility to ourselves, our family, and the environment to become more self-sufficient.  We could not in good conscience support factory farms any longer. Along the way, we shared our bounty with extended family and friends, then not long after that, the word started getting around about our products, so we chose to offer our eggs to others who wanted to support local farmers and eat better food, but may not be able to have a farm of their own. We feel honored that so many people love our eggs!  Our birds are truly pasture raised with free access to anywhere on our 12 acre farm, they eat a wide variety of flora and fauna which gives their eggs an amazing flavor.  We only offer eggs for sale that are 7 days old or less, so you will always have the very freshest eggs!

Summer pick up days:

Monday – Friday  9 am to 4pm

I am usually available during these hours, but sometimes I have to run errands, so please call before you drive out to the farm.

Thank you!