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Our Story


We are a small family owned and operated farm located outside of Orlando, Florida, away from all the hectic city life, in the laid back rural east Osceola County in Saint Cloud, Florida.

My love for animals came straight from my Momma, as early as I can remember Momma was always taking care of a stray animal. I seriously couldn’t attempt to tell you how many animals we had during my childhood, cats, dogs, skunk, pelican, pig, horse, etc.

I spent some time working with The Royal Lipizzaner Stallions, unfortunately I suffered a severe injury that ended my career with horses.

It was no surprise to my family that my career path led me into the Veterinary Field. I was very fortunate to have studied Animal Science and earned a Certificate of Specialization in Breeding and Reproduction of canines under Dr.Verstegen, DVM at The University of Florida.                      GO Gators!

Over the years I raised many different animals, ranging from horses, cows, Yorkshire hogs, Nubian Goats, Chickens, Cockatiel Birds and even spent many years raising and showing Champion AKC Registered Miniature and Standard Dachshunds.

But the one animal that consistently stole my heart and not our banks accounts was chickens, yes, chickens!

In 2016 we decided to build our first two chicken Coops on our current farm. We started out with two breeds: A Rhode Island Red Rooster with 24 Rhode Island Red Hens in one coop and a Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster with 24 Plymouth Barred Rock hens in the second coop. First time I’d ever picked up chicks at a post office ?

A short time after building our coops we decided we wanted to start incubating our own eggs. We started out with 15 of each of our breeds, our first incubation was a success, giving us 23 out of a possible 30, live, healthy chicks

Within a year we decided to expand. This time we built a single, much larger Coop that would house our newest chickens, we decided to get a variety of different breeds.

Fast forward to 2020, we just completed our fourth coop and a fifth coop is already in the beginning of its construction phase.

Today we now have 16 different breeds of chickens that we raise here on our farm.

Do we Free Range our Chickens? Well, the answer is yes and no.

We live in an area that has coyotes, Bobcats, Black Bear and even a Florida Panther, we’ve lost chickens to raccoons, Swallow -Tailed Kite, hawks, and eagles and have lost eggs to snakes, and who knows what else. For this reason, our birds are housed in large coops, where they have fresh water and food, including vegetables and table scraps, they have roosting perches and individual nesting boxes lined hay and/or pine shavings. We do allow our birds to Free Range as othen as possible and only while supervised.

We learned that adding a donkey to your farm would be  a great way to ward off predatorial animals, thanks to my sweet friend Katrina, we were able to get an American Miniature Donkey named “Lenny” he is the protector of his feathered friends and is a genuine Ass-Set to our farm.

Chickens on our Farm

We  have a variety of adult chickens as well as chicks available throughout the year.
*Brahma (Blue)
*Easter Eggers
*New Hampshire Red
*Orpington (Buff)
*Plymouth Rock
*Rhode Island Red