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Raising Healthy Chickens

Eigenberg Farms started in 2008 producing quality local meat and eggs.

****We are now selling eggs! $3.00 per dozen picked up. $3.50 delivered (Hastings area)******

Our birds are naturally home-grown birds. If you have not had he chance to try our poultry products, I encourage you to try us. Once you have tasted the difference it is hard to go back to the store bought chickens.

Eigenberg Farms believes in good treatment of our animal that is why we allow our birds to free range and NOT cram them in small cages or over crowd them in a barn not allowing them to go outside.

By treating our birds this way we do not need to give them unneeded medications. We do not give our birds hormone injections to get them to grow faster.

Our birds are fed feed produced locally.

Raised naturally without unneeded medications. No hormones added.

Fed local grains

Open range means the birds are able to get out and run around. Not left in cages or restricted to staying in a building.

Our Meat Birds:

Raised without hormones and Unneeded medications

Free Range Fed – The birds get to move around outside. Not in cages! Get to run around and eat the grass / bugs. Healthier birds. Leaner. Less fat!

We now have road side pick up. Come stop bye and check us out!