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Our Story

Welcome to Enchanted Forest Farm! We are located in the Sam Houston National Forest, with small pastures and big tree’s everywhere. 
We currently raise chickens, turkey’s, ducks, geese, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Kunekune pigs and Flemish Giant rabbits. Goatmilk soap and Chevre cheese are in the works!  There are always projects and new ideas, so we hope to sell more than just our amazing eggs at some point.  All of our animals are free range, including our goats.  We do supplement with quality feed when needed, but most of their food comes from our forest.
We purchased the property in 2017 from a kind man whose family owned the land since the Civil War. As he walked us around and pointed out all the plants and flowers his mother planted so many years ago, he called the place “Enchanting”.  That word stuck with me all throughout the renovating of the small 1400 square foot cedar house. We are big time do it yourself-ers with full time jobs, so the renovation took over a year and was not without its ups and downs. But we made it and are now able to focus on the farm itself. 
Fresh produce, a nursery and raising Koi are projects in the works. This is a work in progress for us. The work is never done, but we are loving the process.  So, welcome to the farm, we hope you will be as Enchanted as we are.