Enduring Mercy Farm

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Our Story

We are a small family farm in Montgomery County, Kentucky. We began raising chickens and dairy goats as a fun, educational family activity with the added benefits of feathered and furry friends and healthier food options. When our flock of 6 chickens grew exponentially, we began providing eggs and chicks to friends and family then grew from there. We believe that the care and love given to our feathered friends shows in the quality of eggs and offspring produced. Our chickens are pasture raised and fed organic non-gmo corn and soy free feed. We have never used any antibiotics or other drugs on our chickens. We do our best to keep everyone happy and healthy naturally. We offer farm fresh eggs, fertile hatching eggs, straight run chicks, laying hens and cockerals. We have numerous breeds, including but not limited to, English Orpington, Australorp, Welsumer, Maran, Wyandotte, and Silkies.  Custom hatching orders are available upon request, however availability varies.