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My feathered obsession started in February 2016 with a spontaneous purchase of 6 fuzzy little chicks from our local Wilco. 6 months, hundreds of hours of labor and my first egg later, I was hooked. Then one day at work talking about my eggs, one of my co-workers asked if they could buy some. It might sound weird but selling eggs wasn’t something that had crossed my mind when I had brought my babies home.

I love sharing my eggs with others as it not only makes me happy to know where they come from, but others love to know that my girls are well taken care of and only get the best feed and treats.

Our story continues and we look forward to adding chapters to it.

It’s been a busy winter here on the farm! As we gear up for spring and warmer weather, we’ve been doing some shuffling in our flocks, re-homeing some, adding others. So far this winter we’ve added 5 new hens, a rooster and even an incubator!

We have more babies in the brooder and a dozen “barnyard mix” eggs in the incubator.

Pictures will be up as soon as stuff calms down on the farm. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.