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Our Story

We started our dream in 2001, while we were both still serving in the United States Navy. We both wanted to live in an area we loved, grow our own food, provide healthy and nutritious food products for our community and be good stewards of our land, animals and the environment. This is why we decided to only raise heritage animals such as purebred Scottish Highland Cattle for beef, Icelandic Sheep for milk, wool and meat, heritage chickens such as our Delaware and Australorp hens, and we only use heritage seeds for our gardens that give us all of the wonderful produce all summer long. We grow our crops and feed our animals organically, utilizing only natural, organic oils and herbicides to ensure the best produce, eggs, and meats that we can provide to our customers. We hope to make a positive contribution to our community and invite you to try our products out if you see them in your local store or restaurant.