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Our Story


Our Farm began when we could no longer keep our horses at my parents property. We installed a fence and established a place for them at our residence. Next, came the goats….then my sister gave me 12 chickens. So long story short, here we are with many chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats and the horses of course. Our two dogs Odin and Bella do a great job making sure everyone is safe. We also have four cats that do an awesome job on the farm.

Our birds were totally free range until the fox began visiting. We didn’t want to harm the fox and we still wanted the birds to have outdoor access. We decided to install electric net fencing to protect them. It has been a great solution! We are committed to coexisting with the environment and ecosystem. That is why we named our farm Everybody’s Friends Farm. It is also a phrase that my husband used quite often when socializing with the animals and it just made perfect sense to me – that would be our farm name.

We offer our fresh eggs at this time. We currently have chicken and duck eggs available.  They have free range access to woods and pasture and protective shelters.

It really does matter where your food comes from. Happy animals and better environmental practices = wholesome food! Please support your local farm communities. You won’t be disappointed!


Laurie and Craig Uszak