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Specializing in Pets with Benefits”, We are small hobby farm (NPIP#58-1751-E) located in the Panhandle of Florida. Currently, we raise beautiful healthy breeds of chickens conducive to backyard chicken flocks and families that want to have happy healthy animals that provide useful¬†benefits.

We also raise Myotonic (Fainting) Goats. Myotonic Goats are a dual purpose, heritage goat that are easy keepers, more parasite resistant and resilient than some other breeds. Also, Myotonics do not challenge fences like a lot of goat breeds do, which make them idea for backyard farmsteads and first time goat owners..

We try to chose the breeds we keep by their friendliness, ease of care, least health issues, and productive uses.

Contact us Fainting.Grits.Farm@gmail.com or call 850 826 0294. Please leave a message. If the sun is shining we are outside. With 30 goats and over  a 125 chickens, something is always demands our attention.