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Our Story???? Our story ¬†starts with the current trend: consume local and protest big corporations that treat animals really bad. I have 3 kids and I wanted to teach them what it means to grow and raise our own food so that they’ll be able to make better choices when feeding themselves; and hopefully, they’ll pass on this knowledge to their kids. The ultimate goals is to have a healthy and knowledgeable family, which will produce healthier, smarter, informed, and sustainable communities.

I started my backyard garden about 4 years back. Kids help out and enjoy working on the backyard and of course, picking up the fruits and veggies. That’s why no pesticides or herbicides are used on my backyard; Kids are free to pick their own fruits and veggies without any health risk. that’s a great feeling.

Also, I started my chicken flock. The kids love taking care of the chickens and they pet the chickens a lot. All the chickens have names at this point: Malo, Chiyona, Elsa, Negra Tomasa, Malo, these are some names. That’s why the health of our chickens is very important to us. We spend a lot of time with the chickens and consume the eggs.¬† The eggs will be as good as the chickens. And the health of the family is crucial. In the end, we are what we eat.

I have a small scale chicken coop and currently it produces more eggs than what our family consumes. That’s why I’m selling some to help with the cost and promote the local food movement.

Support our local food growers/produces or at least US made products!!!



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