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Our Story

Back in 2002, I embarked on a journey as a small business owner, with a firm goal to make a remarkable impact on the world. My vision was to eradicate poverty, and homelessness, and find a cure for HIV/AIDS. I also aimed to increase teachers’ pay and support to ensure they receive the respect they deserve as true heroes. I envisioned meeting with world leaders and delivering speeches that would create short and long-term beneficial effects resulting in all nations coming together to end wars, inequality, jealousy, and greed. However, I soon realized that achieving these goals would require substantial finances, resources, and a platform to voice my opinions. My ideas of “changing the world” were undoubtedly costly, including providing food and clean water to everyone. I promptly understood the need to purchase land to further pursue these goals.
After delving into two influential books, Think & Grow Rich and Rich Dad Poor Dad, I came to a realization that demanded immediate action. I recognized that a significant number of workers face the threat of financial ruin due to a lack of financial literacy, compounded by the anticipated increase in demand for food and a dwindling supply of water over the next 50 years. However, I knew that accomplishing my goals alone was not an option. I needed to connect with influential partners in big business to bring about significant change. As Diesel, I was ready to ignite change with love as my driving force. I firmly believed that love, combined with Diesel as fuel, could spark an explosion that would unite the world. With this idea in mind, I began to engage and inspire others to join me on this mission. And so, the idea of Diesel United LLC was born, with the hope of creating a better world.