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Our Story

FarmWild is a small scale sustainable farm that has been providing pasture-raised chickens, eggs, turkeys, and pork products to the local community since 2016. The focus of FarmWild is to raise plants and animals using the most ecologically sound principals and practices. We focus on the health and well-being of the animals and the environment, which leads to healthier people and a better world. We are currently home to pasture-raised free range egg layers, that live in a solar-powered mobile automated chicken house on wheels. We also raise meat chickens in large pasture-based mobile greenhouse structures. All of the chicken homes move around the pasture all year long, giving the chickens access to fresh grass and lots of juicy insects. Of course all of our animals are fed locally milled certified organic grain, barley fodder in the winter, when there is less green grass, and abundant veggie scraps from the gardens and greenhouse. They live like chicken super stars.

The most recent addition to the FarmWild is a state-of-the-art, year-round, aquaponics greenhouse. Built through the first half of 2020, this 2200 sqft greenhouse is home to the largest aquaponic leafy green production system in the region. Powered by a living koi aquaculure system, our aquaponic greenhouse grows literally tons of basil and lettuce each year, using way less water, land, and inputs than traditional agriculture. We never use pesticides or herbacides on our produce.