Feathers and Fun Poultry Farm

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Our Story

I am a corporate refugee… a CFO turned chicken whisperer.  I traded in early morning meetings in the board room for quiet mornings in the chicken coop.

Feathers and Fun provides high quality, fresh, local eating eggs as well as hatching eggs and chicks from heirloom and landrace breed chickens.

Our chickens are fed a diet high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids… things like fresh kale, spinach & arugula; Ladino clover; flax, chia & black oil sunflower seeds; fresh fruits; oat & rye flakes; meal worms, grubs & crickets… and supplemented with high quality poultry feed as needed.

Our ever growing flock is given time to free-range on a daily basis, weather permitting. We free-range small portions of our flock at a time so we can supervise them and keep them safe from predators.

All of our chickens have names, and most of them know their names and come when called. If you stop by our farm, you may even get a chance to feed the chickens some treats; they will eat right out of your hand.

Feathers and Fun is a Purina Poultry Featured Farm.