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Fenix Acres currently specializes in pasture based poultry and are building their farm to rely on ethical and regenerative agriculture techniques while also trying to source everything as local as possible to reduce their carbon footprint. They grow cornish cross meat chickens and broad breasted turkeys that spend the majority of their lives on fresh pasture. They also free range a large electrified fenced area to allow them to scratch and look for insects. A chicken tractor is used for shelters for our birds. This allows them to be put up every night for additional predator protection. Their chicken tractors are moved daily to provide a fresh spot of pasture every evening when put up. Their layer flock is free ranged which allows them to have access to the entire property to scratch for grains and seeds as well as being used for bug control around the property. They pride them selves that their animal husbandry is second to none and are always looking of ways to improve the quality of life for their animals to allow the least amount of stress possible.