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Our Story

Field Point Farm supports, “Farm Grrl,” a non-profit farm retreat for women veterans. ┬áBut you will also find here, livestock-conservancy listed heritage poultry, including geese, ducks and chickens – and livestock, as well as Dutch-belted dairy cows, an Irish draught horse and rare Valais Blackness sheep.

We also sell lots of eggs! Geese, hen, duck and coturnix quail, and hatching eggs by request.

Our purpose is to protect and preserve these rare animals while providing a place of peace for women veterans – as well as a place to get their hands dirty!

We also incorporate regenerative, no-till planting and rotate our pastures. Although not USDA-certified organic, we follow the National Organic Program. We do not spray or use synthetic fertilizers. We love hugelkultur, and are building our growing areas using this practice.

We are expanding, so stay in touch!