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Our Story

Free-Range Chickens and Farm Fresh Eggs. Gourmet Garlic.

I never imagined farming was in my future when I moved to Columbiaville, Michigan in 2018. Despite a family history of farming dating back to at least the early 1800s, I spent my working life in courtrooms, classrooms and offices as an attorney, an educator and a human services professional. Yet fifteen incredible acres in Lapeer County altered the course of my career.

That new course had as much to do with spiritualty and inner peace as career orientation and financial success. I looked out over the old hayfield and saw row upon row of garlic growing in the late spring sun. Shortly thereafter, I ordered 120 pounds of gourmet garlic and began brooding over one hundred Buckeye and Dominique chicks in plastic kiddie pools in my basement.

Fields Farms was born.

I now grow gourmet garlic, working the soil and personally planting every clove by hand. I also raise Buckeye and Dominique chickens, walking daily amongst my flocks as I collect eggs, listen to their clucks and crows and attend to their needs whether rain or shine or harsh Michigan winter.

My only regret was starting too late. My father, Larry Fields, died mere months before the genesis of Fields Farms and will never see, at least with mortal eyes, the family’s return to the humble profession of farming. I have rekindled the Fields agricultural tradition nonetheless and will proudly farm in the Fields name for the rest of my days.

Welcome to Fields Farms.