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Our Story

Firm Foundation Farms is a small 3.6-acre family farm in Southeast New Mexico. We raise chickens and sheep through a pasture rotated system trying to improve our soil. We also have a couple of Caterpillar Tunnels where we are learning how to grow veggies in the desert. We sell eggs, meat (chicken; lamb), and veggies on-farm and at a local farmers market in town on Thursdays.

Our eggs reflect a rainbow of colors when the cartons are opened. We are told by many, that they struggle with cracking the eggs to eat them because they are so pretty and unique!

Every animal and plant on the farm plays an important part to help restore the soil microbiology. We are also committed to educating those who are interested in growing their own food.

In the future, we would like to add to the farm day-old chicks, raw milk, and pork.