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Our Story

We’re just a little farmlette in the city limits of St. Charles, MO. I’m working towards a more sustainable lifestyle and would like to teach those skills to my girls. We started last summer with five tiny chicks. Sadly our Darlin’ was a weakling & didn’t make it. The other four began laying daily early this spring. Our girls are excellent layers and “pay their rent” by noon on most days. We have a coop that still needs siding & trim, but it’s weathertight and safe for sleeping. Our girls free-range all day long, foraging for bugs and worms. They eat our veggie scraps from the kitchen and we supplement with some layer scratch.
This spring we built and nice raised bed and planted a plethora of veggies, squash, and herbs. We’re tending to our little seedlings and excited for our first round of harvesting!