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Our Story

We are nestled in a small agricultural community just over the hill from the bottom of Keuka Lake; the beautiful finger lakes region in New York State. My tagline is “Two properties, one farm” and it simply means that. Between my mother and I, we own two separate properties meshed into one farm. Nestled in a valley right alongside a quiet creek, we enjoy about 14 acres of land on which we keep horses, chickens, dogs, cats, soon to be goats, and a couple of pet reptiles! The story is long but after living in a city setting for 13 some years I was ready to get back to my country roots and we were blessed with the opportunity to purchase a small property that borders my mother’s property. It was perfect! If you’d like to read the story, check out this blog post. One of the very first things we did was get chickens! We moved in July of 2018 and by the first week of August we had baby chicks. In September my husband and father built me an awesome chicken coop and we were off! 25 chickens later and I’m elated. They aren’t just breakfast suppliers for our family, the are also our pets. I love them, spoil them, and snuggle them, I’m just that kind of gal.

About our eggs. Our eggs are laid by very spoiled hens that get to spend their days outside in our large back yard. Unlike eggs you buy in the grocery store that are likely already months old, our eggs taste better, look better, and are better for you. We truly love our chickens (like I said, I’m obsessed with them) and each hen is a part of our family. They are living happy, healthy lives as naturally as possible. They consume a complete layer feed so their eggs are strong and nutritional, have access to clean water 24/7 and of course are allowed to free-range every day (but limited to our back yard and vegetable garden). With this lean towards a more natural diet dining on grasses and insects, their eggs are just far superior than the ones on shelves at the grocery store. Once you try them, you’ll never want to go back.

Apart from chickens we started a vegetable garden this year, but primarily for our consumption. We don’t sell produce and not sure if we will as our next door neighbor has a great produce stand! I am also an avid knitter. I have been make a chicken mitten (or two) and you can find my knitting shop (yep, I sell them) in the contact info area! I’m happy to have you here, thanks for reading about our farm. We’re just getting started!