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Flock-a-holics eggs are not only beautiful to look at; they are a pleasure to eat. But if you look at an egg more carefully you’ll see there’s more than meets the eye. Each of our hens has her own, distinct color pattern and shape to her eggs. There are no two exactly alike. If you look closely at the egg, you can see all the little pores in the shell, and unique color shading, each as individual as the hen who laid it. Producing the best eggs possible begins at the time our young pullets start laying, and throughout their life. Every day we carefully gather our hens’ eggs from straw-lined nest-boxes. We take great pride in how our chickens are raised and cared for, ensuring they live a happy stress free life. Part of that is providing them the best diet we can and ensuring they can roam about our farm and act the way chickens were meant. Of course, we are not just doing this to raise healthy chickens; it also means healthy eggs for our family and yours.

Collierville Farmers Market opens April 30th. Stop by the Flockaholics booth for the best eggs you have every eaten.