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Our Story

We are a small specialty chick hatchery in the NW corner of Washington State. Year-round, we custom hatch and hand-raise small batches of interesting chicken breeds for local chicken enthusiasts. We also offer farm-fresh table eggs from pastured hens, a seasonal assortment of hatching eggs, as well as dahlia tubers and vegetable and flower starts.

  • Blue/Black/Splash Ameraucanas
  • Lavender Ameraucanas aka Self-Blue Ameraucanas
  • Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash Ameraucanas
  • Black Copper Marans
  • Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Marans
  • Jubilee Orpingtons
  • Golden Crele Legbar
  • Swedish Flower Hens
  • American White Bresse
  • Pita Pinta