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Our Story

We started our small hobby farm at the beginning of the year in 2020. As we all know, things were, and still are a bit crazy. We didn’t want to rely on the grocery store to get food. So, I went back to my roots, and luckily for me, my husband loves me so much, he followed me down this crazy path. What started as my desire to have a couple of chickens roaming around, has turned into 29 laying hens and two roosters. From there we decided to raise our own meat rabbits, something I was raised with, but never realized I was eating rabbit. I was 16 when my mom told me all that chicken was actually rabbit. When I went to pick up some of our breeding stock of rabbit, I saw some goats roaming around a house. So that became our next adventure. We now have 6 Kiko does, who may be pregnant now, and 2 Nigerian Dwarf does, who may also be pregnant.

We’re looking forward to a very busy Spring!