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At Flying Carrot Farm, we want to bring joy and a sense of wonder back onto your plate and back into your family’s dinner. We want to make eating healthy fun. The secret is starting with simple food that tastes amazing from the field. We grow varieties of fruits and vegetables based on taste, and we harvest our produce at the peak of ripeness and flavor. We let our chickens be chickens. Our ladies free-range on pasture, which means they get to be outside eating grass and bugs every day. We supplement their grazing with GMO-free grain. In return we get eggs with deep orange yolks and amazing flavor.

We offer convenience and flexibility in buying delicious local produce and supporting a local family farm. Join our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and choose from three different sized shares, different pick-up days, choose a short or long season share, and enjoy flexibility from your farmers that understand life gets busy. Can’t make it to the farm each week to pick up your share? Check out our home delivery service for CSA members. You can also get our delicious veggies, eggs and chicken at our farm store and at local farmers markets!