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************ Sorry we currently have NO eggs to sell!!!! ***********


We settled here in Northern Virginia about 25 years ago after retiring from the US Air Force. After talking about doing more to provide some fresh things for ourselves, we started with a small green house and more fruit trees 5 years ago.

A few years ago we decided to adopt a few chickens and finally take the jump into Honey Bees. Since we have all manner of non-chicken friendly wildlife in our area we designed the coop to be as predator proof as possible hence the Fort Chick name.

The hens have been sent to a retirement home, seriously they were pets with names and not destined for the soup pot. However we’ve been too busy the last few months to start a new flock.

Will strive to do that this spring as we miss the fresh eggs and multitude of colors like white, pink, green/blue, and various shades of brown.