Frakers Grove Farm

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Located in Knox County just outside of Lafayette is Frakers Grove farm, the name is derived from one of the first settlers in the area and the farm is located right at the historical marker 1/4 mile south of Route 17.

Offering fresh eggs from our flock of layers and some veg during summer months.

We also have 1/2 or Whole pigs that we raise each year in limited quantities and are served first come first served.  We do have a waiting list we can put you on if you are interested.

A larger market garden will be in the works in 2022 as well as growing our laying flock.

We are exploring other ventures to offer as well, feedback and requests are welcome.

Our Layers are free ranged during good weather and we strive to feed our layers with soy free feed. During 2022, we will start growing our own supplemental feed for the birds along with the commercial feed we purchase.

Currently our layers are all Black Australorp’s.