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Real Food You Can Trust.  Pastured Meats in Halifax, VA.

Are you looking for quality meats, from happy and healthy pastured animals? This is it!

You want to buy local, but you also want convenience?  Well, we deliver!

We currently have two delivery routes, one to Richmond, Williamsburt, Newport News and Hampton in Virginia and another to Roxboro, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Reidsville in North Carolina and Danville and Chatham in Virginia.

It’s so easy – you simply place your order online, select your delivery location at checkout, then meet us at the pickup location.

All of our animals are raised outdoors either on pasture or in the woods.  The cattle and sheep are grassfed and the pigs and chickens are supplemented with nonGMO feeds.

Our heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs are born and raised in woods on the farm for superior quality pork.

Grass fed beef comes from our heritage breed Red Devon and American Milking Devon cattle.  These are slow growing animals that finish superbly on grass.  This is truly “gourmet beef on grass.”

Khatadin hair sheep graze with the cattle and are also finished on grass.

The chickens rotate through our fields where they enjoy a natural diet of insects, grasses, clover and other forages.

Goat will be coming soon!  The goats are currently working hard to clear the brush on the farm and we plan to begins selling goat meat by the end of the year.