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We produce farm fresh brown eggs on our farm. We also grow a variety of vegetables.that include open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables, along with hybrids. You might recognize a lot of the names, like Trucker’s Favorite, Blue Lake, Cherokee Purple, and Jackson Wonder. We grow onions, tomatoes, okra, corn, peas and butterbeans, collards and other greens, carrots, peppers, and a whole lot more.
At Frannie’s Farm, we try to hold pesticide use to a minimum, but we can’t call our vegetables “Organic” due to having treated lumber on our property for our chicken coops. We use commercial fertilizers, along with manures and compost and accept a certain level of loss to avoid using strong chemicals. Our vegetables are planted or transplanted by hand and cared for by us. We have no employees, so it’s a mom and pop operation. There is minimal processing, since we are trying to get vegetables to customers as soon as possible after harvest. Some things get a water bath, but some still have dirt on them. We usually pack vegetables in crates or baskets and take them to market the next day. We have customers who prefer to come to the farm and pick up their items but sale at a local farmer market. Please contact for updates.