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We are a small mom and pop farm and we have been raising chickens for about 8 years now and currently we have 17 hens of a mix of Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rock which are producing about 16 eggs a day. We also have 2 RIR Roo’s and one Barred Rock Rooster so our eggs are fertile if you would choose to incubate your own.

We clean our coup weekly and our nest boxes are cleaned daily. We free range our chickens when we can and we also grain feed at 16% protein. We also have our own homemade incubator for incubating our own eggs. We follow TN law for collecting, washing and storing our eggs. If you would like some eggs for the table or for incubating please email me or text me at 931-239-6622.

Thanks for reading!

This is about the largest egg I have collected from our coup in 8 years of raising hens. It is 3″ long x 1.98 inches in diameter.