Freedom Ranger Hatchery

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Our Story

Freedom Range Hatchery is a family-owned and operated hatchery located in Lancaster County, PA. Owners Kendall & Ginger Fox started the business to expand the offerings of JM Hatchery, owned by Ginger’s father Joel Martin. Kendall first began hatching chickens as an employee for JM Hatchery in 2005.

Kendall and his wife Ginger started hatching silkie chicks in their two-car detached garage with the intent of eventually moving into a bigger facility. That happened in August 2007, when Kendall moved the operation to its current location and started hatching the Freedom Ranger Broilers. In 2009, Kendall purchased the Freedom Ranger brand and incorporated the business under the name Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc.”

Freedom Ranger Hatchery maintains its own breeding stock of our Freedom Ranger and GMO Free Parent chickens. Our family farm is dedicated to traditional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods that produce high-quality chickens for our customers.

Kendall and Ginger have five wonderful children who they treasure as a gift from the Lord. They are believers in and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God who will someday be revealed as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Kendall, his wife Ginger and their family spent a few years in Grenada, West Indies to help pastor a mission church there. Ginger’s sister Lisa and her husband Art managed Freedom â„¢ Hatchery until they returned from their exciting journey to fulfill Jesus Christ’s great commission in another country.

Upon Kendall & Ginger’s return in 2015, the hatchery was moved across the road into a larger facility, which was completed in September, 2016. Art continues to manage sales, and Kendall’s brother Durell manages the hatchery floor.