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Our Story

We are a 100% family owned and operated Farming and Ranching operation.

In 2005 we purchased our 70 acre farm and began a long journey repairing a farm that had been neglected for decades. After years of the farm being rented to others, we ended the practice of someone else doing the farming. Renters didn’t worry about what the land was like the next year.

With little experience we began reclaiming the soil that was eroded, replanting native grasses in the pastures and eliminating the use of chemicals from the land.

We fertilize our crop fields with manure from our cattle and our garden from our chickens.

We have Free Range chickens that go anywhere on the property and that controls bugs and weeds so we don’t need to use pesticides. All of our chickens are bred,hatched and raised here on the farm. We also breed rare chickens and chickens that are listed by The Livestock Conservancy as endangered. So our eggs come in many different colors.

We run a small cow/calf herd and we do some small select custom finish feeding. We have chosen to limit our finish feeding to allow us to focus on providing highest quality of life for all of our animals and provide wholesome sustainable meat.