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Our Story

It’s a struggle to find food to help you & your family live your best life possible.

You want food raised in an honest, holistic way that will impact your overall well-being.

We’re a family ran business and we care about the food our children eat and the land we live on. We want both to be healthy for generations to come.

Our goal is simple; take care of God’s creation through stewardship that restores the land and the food it provides.

We’ve been selling pasture-raised animals since 2013; and are committed to sharing with others the same level of good health we feel by raising our animals, healing our land and the families who shop here.

We use Regenerative Farming & Grazing practices… a holistic land management approach that increases the organic matter in the soil naturally by intensively moving animals across the pasture.

  • We do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on the land.

  • We do not feed our animals antibiotics, hormones, steroids or GMO’s.