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At Frillman Farms, we’re committed to providing the highest possible quality produce to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We offer an eye-popping array of Heirloom GMO-free crops including more than 25 varieties of Heirloom tomatoes and are known for our freshly laid eggs. We take pride in our feed ratios, giving our hens exactly what they need to maintain a healthy diet. We don’t believe in clipping wings or trimming beaks. Plenty of Fresh air, room to roam, and sunflower seeds give our girls a spoiled life that’s the way we prefer it. After all, we know that happy hens make for amazing eggs. With more than 160 ladies on the farm, we sell more than 70 dozen eggs each week. That’s nothing to cluck about! 🙂 Whether you’re interested in our freshly harvested honey, amazing eggs, or impressive variety of Heirloom vegetables, we hope to see you on the farm or at the market. Please stop by and say hello! Get to know your local farmer. If you want transparency in your food, it doesn’t get much clearer than Frillman Farms. We make sure to put our customers before the chicken or the egg.

Frillman Farms owner Tim Frillman takes great pride in every aspect of his business. That said, the chickens are by far his favorite! We ensure that the 160+ birds roaming our grounds have the best living conditions possible. The chickens are the heart and soul of the farm. Our hens spend their days dusting in the dirt, flying around and enjoying the fresh air.
We do not believe in clipping wings or trimming the beaks. Our hens have the ability to fly and eat like they would in natural manor.

Tim Frillman, Owner and operator of Frillman Farms shown above and to the left is someone you should know! Tim has always been a hard working free spirit that has loved farming since being a young boy. Tim has been working hard to have his own farming operation for some time now and it has finally come to fruition for the 2012 growing season.
Tim enjoys work closely with the community to provide the freshest Heirloom produce to the surrounding area and local restaurants. Our philosophy is to grow crops the way they should be grown starting from the seed. Our NON-GMO (Genetic Modification) line is pretty extensive and as natural as it gets. Tim Prides himself on the fact that he doing his part to grow healthy food using no deadly chemicals unlike conventional farming methods.Please feel free to stop by Frillman Farms and meet Tim; you wont regret it!!