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We are a small  family Farm located by the beautiful Manistee river.  Surrounded by miles of woodland we are away from harmful chemicals and GMOs and able to raise our family, animals and produce the way we believe God and nature intended.  We keep things small so we can manage each aspect with the time it needs , our animals receive lots of room to roam and the garden gets lots of natural pollinators to visit as well.  We highly value a personal relationship with our customers so that we can serve them better and tailor fit our produce to suit their needs.  Our eggs, chicken meat and lamb meat are from animals raised on local non-gmo grain from the amish community and allowed to graze till the snow flies at which point they get plenty of hay.  Whatever your food needs are we look forward to working with you and your family.  This year we are also offering a non gmo whole wheat sourdough bread weekly at the market.  It was a big hit with our customers last year so we are going to keep it coming!