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Our Story

We are a homestead in Northwest Ohio.  We believe in quality locally grown food, hard work, tradition, family, and the Catholic Faith.  While not everyone should be a farmer, we believe that, as a culture, we left something behind when the farm was left behind.  We hope to be a part of a movement greater than ourselves that goes “back to the land.”  One in which we have greater self-reliance, and we know where our food comes from.  So hopefully, some time spent here and with us on the farm will inspire you to take your own “back to the land” actions.  In the meantime, grab a dozen (or more!) of our fresh eggs from our free range flock, in various shades of brown. We have a wide range of breeds currently and they forage for the majority of their diet on our 27 acre property. Our eggs are unwashed, and will last for months in the fridge with vibrant yellow yolks, delicious flavor, and provide excellent nutrition. At only $5 a dozen, what have you got to lose? Stop by and see us. We are home most days, just ring the doorbell for service. No Sunday sales, thank you.