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Our Story

Goldfinch Farm is three generations of people learning how to farm, drawing on the generous advice of our mentors, the ancestral legacy of our Kentucky farming kin and a good dose of on-the-job training. We haven’t always been farmers, this time last year, we were all co-owners of a Fair Trade coffee shop in Northeast Ohio, volunteering on an organic farm in our free time and hiding a small flock of golden buff laying hens behind our house.
Late in the summer of 2013, we sold our coffee shop, packed some U-Hauls and moved to central Kentucky, driven by the desire to produce food we feel good about and a deep homesickness for bluegrass beneath our feet. That our drive back home to Kentucky included a crated pair of Berkshire piglets in the back of our SUV was both an unexpected and fortuitous turn of events, a colorful story we’d love to share with you at our farmer’s market booth. Suffice to say though, once we became pig farmers, we knew there was no turning back.
As beginner farmers we redo a lot of things. We build fences and then rebuild them the next day because it didn’t work out like we thought it would. We are continually looking at our land, our animals and how they can interact in the most sustainable and efficient way. Our hope is to grow healthy animals on fertile soil with a constant eye on energy, land and water conservation. We don’t use chemicals or pesticides. There are no added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics used on our livestock. Our animals are fed an all natural diet, and we mix our own feed on site using locally sourced ingredients. They have free access to green pasture and fresh air as much as they like. They are brushed, pet, sang to and given treats. We raise mostly heritage breeds on our little slice of heaven. Our chickens, hogs and cows are chosen by us based on their history of hardiness and excellent flavor qualities. We hope to keep these heirloom breeds from being forgotten completely. We also want to continue the traditions of past farmers, who bred these animals to be the best for their natural environments. We hope you enjoy our pastured pork, chicken and eggs as much as we do!