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Our Story

Hello Friends and Neighbors! We are Todd and Heidi Seebohm, and together with our three young sons we are fourth generation family farmers. Our small farm in Chester, New Jersey has been in the family since 1936. Originally run by Todd’s great grandparents, the land was utilized as a dairy and orchard by the Appleby family. Todd’s mother Janet took over the property in 1973 and grew Christmas trees and fruits throughout his childhood. Janet has leased land to another local farm for growing in recent years, but 2020 was a year of great change for all of us.

The 2020 pandemic emptied grocery store shelves and caused supply chain issues that led to shortages of eggs and meats. While we were lucky to be able to rely on a network of local growers, the eye opening experience led us to a new focus for our family’s farm. We decided to utilize our resources to pasture raise a flock of heritage breed chickens to provide enough eggs to share. In our quest for sustainability and food independence, Good Monday Farm was born.

Our chickens are the center of a farmschool curriculum for our little boys, who raise each bird with love from hatch to hen. Every morning they fill feeders and waterers, delicately collect eggs, and help pack up cartons. Our toddlers are learning where food comes from and about the importance of sharing abundance with the community.

Find our rainbow eggs sold locally on Chester Borough’s Main Street!