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Welcome!!!! We are a husband and wife team of first generation small farmers with a mission to produce high quality products for our customers. We take great pride in raising our animals to live their best lives possible! They get premium quality feed, herbs, and natural supplements. All animals raised at GHF are pastured raised in the beautiful and pristine Blue Ridge Mountains. They are gentle raised from infancy by us and are unfazed by other farm animals, dogs, and cats.

We offer a very special rare breed of poultry called Silver Laced Orpingtons. This breed is the sweetest, most docile, and care-free chickens you can find, and their stunning beauty is what makes them so desirable. A high quality breeding program is hard to find in the United States, and our commitment to this breed & our customers is to offer the most beautiful SLO’s on the market! We ship to most states nationwide (except for AK, HI, and CA), and love local pickups!

Please visit us at  for more information and to order. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at