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Our Story

Nestled in the beautiful Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon, our Ducks & Chickens are loved members of our farm family. They are pasture raised and fed Certified Organic/Non-GMO food. They have a safe patio outside the barn where our Ducks can enjoy an evening swim, and our Chickens can enjoy their swing.  Surprisingly, even in the dead of Winter, our Ducks prefer to be on the outside patio rather than in the warm barn with the Chickens.

We designed and built the Automatic Produce feeder shown in our Granny’s Farm pictures.  This feeder was designed to give 24 hour access to fresh produce in our barn for our Chickens & Ducks.

Our Ducks & Chickens are free to live out their lives with us even after their laying diminishes.  We hope you enjoy the high quality eggs that our girls produce for you.