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As a little girl in Kentucky, I remember being on my grandparent’s farm. There were chickens everywhere! There was always something exciting about their fast movements and strange noises that intrigued me. When I was 13, my family moved to Delaware. Some years later I met my husband there and we moved around to a couple of the surroundings states, had children, and settled in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. However, my grandparent’s farm was never far from my mind. “What a life it would be to raise my children on a farm”, I would think. You gain a different appreciation for life and the world around you on a farm, and I wanted that for my family.  In 2014, after years of convincing, I finally talked my husband into giving up the corporate world and moving to Kentucky, not just anywhere there, but to my grandparent’s farm!  Of course the first thing I wanted on my farm was chickens! With a lot of help from my family we got my small flock of chickens started. Over the past two years, I have grown my flock and I just adore watching their bird antics. We have a few different breeds which create variations in egg shell color and size, but let me tell you, there is nothing more enjoyable than a colorful egg basket! Our chickens are let out in the morning to graze the fields until the sun goes down. And every one knows happy chickens produce good happy eggs! Thank you for visiting and supporting your local small town farmer! We hope you enjoy your Grass Land Eggs.

Fresh farm eggs are at their best when they are NOT washed. We all know what part of the chicken the egg comes from, and often times there will be a little bit of “stuff” left on the egg. That “stuff” does not contaminate the egg. When the hen lays, it is covered with what is called the Bloom. That Bloom provides a barrier that protects the egg from germs. Once eggs are washed, the Bloom is washed off, the egg becomes porous and now must be refrigerated to prevent germs and bacteria growth. An unwashed egg is a clean egg. Who wants bleached washed eggs anyway….