Green Field Farms Co-op

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Our Story

Green Field Farms, a farmer owned co-op, was established in 2003 to assist in the revitalization of our culture’s rich farming history. Our small family farms have been growing organic and nutrient dense food for centuries. Each of our producers follow strict guidelines and common principles that reach beyond FDA regulations. We firmly believe in continuing our old-world tradition of providing healthy, nourishing food.

Throughout the 1900’s the majority of Amish families made their living from farming. By the turn of the century, due to inflation, skyrocketing land prices, and highly mechanized agriculture, less than 10 percent were full time farmers.

Green Field Farms is a cooperative dedicated to sustainable agriculture for the horse farming communities of Amish and conservative Mennonite people. The organization was founded in 2003 by a small group of Amish farmers and business men with a concern for our future generations. The cooperative was formed to revitalize our family farms by providing customers like you fresh and nutritious food, and a brand you can trust.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Sustainability
    We strive to work in partnership with all GFF members to foster economic stability for our families, farms, and businesses. We work together in the common interest of all, yet respect the ownership, needs, and duties of each member as independent business people.
  2. Culture
    Our way of life is important to us. All decisions and actions are made to ensure our tenets and teachings are enhanced and preserved for generations to come.
  3. Community
    We respect all peoples within and outside our community. We believe it is always best to seek ways to improve not just the Amish community, but the community at large.

Our Farms

Green Field Farms believes in growing food the way our family farms have done for centuries. Cows graze on lush green pastures to produce milk rich in cream and nutrients. Chickens roam freely and have clean, dry bedding to lay their eggs. Fruits and vegetables sprout from fields shaped by our horse drawn plows. The soil is cared for by the touch of our hands. Our certified organic products are produced in an earth friendly manner. We firmly believe in offering the same healthy, nourishing products to our customers as our families enjoy each day.

Wholesome Values.

All Green Field Farms producers are Amish or Mennonite farmers that still use horses to work the fields and harvest their crops. Horse farming is an earth friendly way to help keep the atmosphere free of harmful carbons and prevent soil compaction problems that hinder microbial activity, often caused by heavy tractors or equipment. Feed for the horses is usually grown on the farm, in turn the horses’ manure or waste is used to increase organic matter and fertilize the soil, thus completing the cycle back to the soil. All in all, horse farming leaves a positive effect on the environment. We consider this an important part of our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s resources.

Wholesome Food.

Our goal is to provide you wholesome and nutritious food that is safe, tastes good, and is grown by farmers you trust. Growing healthy food begins with healthy soil. Our farms are small, under 200 acres, which enables the farmers to give special attention to each field and ensure that appropriate soil conditions are maintained to grow a healthy and nutritious crop. Farmers utilize our in-house Soil Amendment Program that provides the appropriate blends of natural minerals and organic fertilizers to ensure well-balanced soil rich in microbes and plant life.

Our farmers seek to work in harmony with nature by providing habitats for insects and birds that help control harmful plant pathogens and bugs in the fields. Nature’s workers, the honey bees, pollinate the flowers as they blossom on the young plants in our produce fields.

Careful attention to the soil and working with nature ensures your family tasty wholesome food with real nutritional value.