Green Springs Flower Farm

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Welcome to Green Springs Flower Farm!

We are a small family farm in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District, located about 30 minutes east of Charlottesville and about 45 minutes west of Richmond. Our farm dates back to 1875!

We raise chickens, ducks and geese who are all beloved and spoiled pets; each one has a name. They have a forever home here, even when they are elderly and no longer laying. Our pets are fed a nutritious diet and we do not use any hormones or chemicals on them or on our property. The birds have plenty of time to free range when we can supervise to keep predators at bay. They have a huge, predator proof coop with heat for winter and a ventilation fan for summer as well as a very large, safe run area for plenty of space to exercise.

The first time you pick up eggs is by appointment so we can show you around the farm and where you will be able to pick up eggs in the future. We are very aware of Covid precautions and you can feel safe knowing that you will have no personal contact with us as we will be wearing a mask & social distance outside when you are here the first time and egg pick up is contact free. In addition, we have been vaccinated against Covid.

If you are interested in buying eggs or have questions about our farm or our animals please send an email to We look forward to serving you!

Liz & Sam
Green Springs Flower Farm