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Our Story

We are located in NE Kansas.

Seeds and trees have “memory”. They thrived and reproduced in a certain climate.

Often when you buy chestnut trees, seeds, or plants online, you have to buy from nurseries in the Northeast or Southeast US, or the Pacific Northwest. If you buy seeds, they are from another state.

Take it from us, trees and plants grown in those climates do not do well in Kansas.

Buying from our Kansas homestead, with nut trees, elderberry, and comfrey grown and adapted to the Midwest, will make them much more likely to be successful on your homestead or in your yard.

We offer:

  • elderberry cuttings – just poke the stick in the ground and you have an elderberry bush.
  • comfrey crowns and root cuttings
  • chestnut seedlings
  • chicks and pullets (skips the chance of roosters when you buy straight-run chicks).