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Hatched, raised and laying in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, our hens enjoy an organic diet with vegetarian feed, and plenty of access to pasture.

Our farm has undergone an extensive application, inspection and verification process to ensure that we meet or exceed all of the Validus® Animal Welfare standards for “Outdoor Access” laying hens. Our “Outdoor Access” certification level is a stage beyond “Cage Free” and confirms our birds have at least as much space outdoors as they have indoors.

There actually was a Gwendolyn. Years ago, our family adopted an older hen to provide a safe place to roost after it was discovered she’d quit laying. Promptly after settling into our backyard flock, she started laying again, and continued to do so for many years.  She affectionately earned the name Gwendolyn after our great-grandmother, a woman of pluck and fortitude whose family had raised chickens for generations. Today we’re reviving local egg farming in her honor, in the heart of the Willamette Valley.