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Hangin’ H Farm is a multigenerational ranch founded by my father. Since its inception, Hangin’ H Farm
has been lovingly managed by your’s truly, a thankful son, David Hinkley, and my wife Nina. The main focus of our farm is raising a happy and healthy flock of chickens that provide delicious and nutritious free-range eggs in return.

This farm has been a lifelong dream for my father and I. After an exhaustive search, we chose to purchase land in the scenic town of Edgewood, TX. Our beautiful farm is nestled in the gentle hills and panoramic woods of East Texas. Our farm produces wild blackberries, pecans, and persimmons,which the chickens love foraging on.Our chickens enjoy chasing grasshoppers and crickets in the shade of the Oak and Pecan trees.

Here at the Hangin’ H Farm, we use holistic animal practices. What that means here is no lazy animals! We never confine our animals to cages, runs, or pins. So instead of laboring to bring feed and hay, spreading and removing tons of bedding and manure (all of which are petroleum laden) we do our best to mimic nature. Allowing our heard to graze in a natural migratory pattern. We believe in low stress heard
management so you won’t find us caging, chasing, or prodding our chickens. We run a multi species heard, just as you would find in nature. Each animal doing their part. Cows trampling weeds while trimming and stimulating the grass. Chickens control bug populations and eat blades of grass dropped by larger animals. All of them converting the grass into protein and fertilizing along the way.

With plenty of growing grass, bugs, fresh air and sunshine, these animals have the life they’re meant to live. They have provided me, my family, friends, and fellow Texans, with the nutrients and enjoyment I need to live a long and healthy life. Now I have the honor of aiding all those seeking the same.

Honest, sustainable, nutritious, and guilt free eggs.


David and Nina Hinkley

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Thank you