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Our Story

I began Happy Acres Farm during the spring of 2013. I’m striving to reach a goal of creating a Healthy and Productive farm. The eggs I sell no matter the size or color are the type of fresh eggs that you would get if you had hens roaming your own backyard.  I started with a variety of fancy chicks and have been cross breading them to create some great hens.

I’ve been hatching new chicks on a weekly basis over the spring and summer of 2016 and now have over 70 fancy chicks and full-grown hens as well as fancy roosters. At this time I’ve been averaging approximately 4 dozen eggs a week however when all of my hens mature I sure they will be producing much more.

Over the previous years I’ve donated every egg to a worthy cause and hope that I have helped to feed Americas needy

An Egg is Always an Adventure

Observe what the egg does.

Take a tall glass of water and gently place the egg in it.

–  Fresh eggs will immediately sink to the bottom on their sides.

–  Slightly older eggs will lie on the bottom but bob slightly.

–  Older but edible eggs will balance on the smallest end.

–  Bad Eggs will float at the surface and are rotten, toss them!