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Our small flock of happy ducks have been with us since early 2020.  You will LOVE their eggs.

Fresh duck eggs: $6 per dozen, or $9 per 18 (same price).

Just be sure to call, text, or email and make sure we have eggs available.

If you want non-refrigerated eggs to incubate and hatch some ducklings, just ask!

Delicious, large eggs from pastured/pond-ranging Khaki Campbell and Pekin ducks. These happy ducks spend their days free foraging around their pond. Their evening supplemental feed includes flax seed, which has been shown to boost the yolk’s omega-3 content. So, nutritionally speaking, these particular duck eggs should blow most store-bought eggs out of the water!

Duck eggs are highly nutritious, prized for baking, and are even said to be more easily tolerated than chicken eggs in folks who are sensitive to eggs.  We personally prefer them over chicken eggs, as a lot of people do.

We’re on the east side of Henderson, about 7 miles out of town.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have–just let us know!  In addition to the phone number provided above, we can also be reached via text or call at (Local east TX area code) 4 four 5 – six 3 ate 7.