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Our Story

Hello! My name is Maddie Leyde. I started Happy Hennies Poultry out of pure love of poultry. The eggs are just a great benefit! Eggs are laid with love from our flock of Happy Hennies. Our hens free range all day, where they enjoy exploring, dust bathing, and playing with their hen pals. We are located outside of Hastings, Minnesota near Afton.

What do you feed your hens?

We understand that you may like to know what goes into your eggs. Our hens’ feed varies based on availability. We feed our hens mainly Nutrena Naturewise layer pellets, and Purina Layena pellets when Naturewise is unavailable. During the warmer seasons, hens free range on our large area of land. During the winter months when hens are unable to free range, they are fed scratch grains (which they LOVE), grit, and oyster shell along with their regular “kibble”.

What breeds do you own?

We own many, many breeds of chickens, but our main layers are 20 Red Stars (because they ARE stars!). We also own bantam and large breed Cochins, Orpingtons, a Cubalaya, Brahmas, a frizzle, Leghorns, a Polish, 3 ducks, and a few random breeds.

What is the size of your farm?

We operate a very small scale, local poultry farm. It may even be too small to be considered an official farm! We have 20 Red Star hens who do most of the laying, along with about 40 other poultry breeds. Hens are housed in three separate coops, and most forage together during the day. Hens have the entire yard to free range on, and some go quite far!

Do you keep roosters?

We do keep roosters on our farm. Roosters are great for protection from predetors, and help to keep the hens safe. The reason for our separate living spaces is to accomoadate for roosters.  Our bantam Cochin rooster also helps support his chicks every summer!

Do you use any antibiotics or hormones?

No, we do not use any antibiotics or hormones on our hens.