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For over 100 years our family has worked this farm and we are proud to share our bounty with people who enjoy good food from local farms. Our hens free range all day, and are secured at night, safe & sound. We offer a variety of egg colors, from pale tan to olive, and even some teal green eggs! Sizes range from XXL to medium, our customers get the best we have to offer.

Pure, local Honey comes from our bees, foraging on local plants. Spring honey is light & floral, fall honey is richer and darker in flavor.

2oz plastic Bear $2 (sample size)

4oz quilted glass Jar w/honey dipper $5 (nice gift!)

5.5 oz glass Mason Jar w/honey dipper $5.50 (another nice gift idea!)

12.5 oz plastic Bear (squeeze bottle) $10

Gift tags available for $.25/ea