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Our little farm started out innocently enough. My husband Jim brought home six little Wyandotte chicks for Mother’s Day 3 years ago. I caught the bug instantly and began bringing home more cute little chicks. A friend who works for animal rescue called one day with a three Pekin ducks and one Roen that desperately needed a good home. I couldn’t refuse the little guys. I felt like they could use some company so I brought home some cute little ducklings to join their family. Then I rescued a Dwarf White Royal Palm turkey, Nettie. I quickly realized that she needed a boyfriend. This is where Fred comes on the scene. He is a beautiful loving Bronze Breasted fella.

Before long I discovered that there are so many interesting breeds of chickens and ducks and quail. I love taking care of all these little guys. We have a large area for them to play and free range. I get exercise and hours of pleasure watching them interact. I would love to share my abundance of beautiful eggs with your family for only $2.50 per dz. This will help off set the expense of feeding this group of always hungry critters. I also offer baby chicks and ducklings, when available. I have many breeds so you can place orders for a specify kind.

I have the following breeds: Wyandotte, Olive Eggers, Dominique, Sussex, Blue Splash Americana, Silver Spangled Appenzeller, Brahman, Bielefelder, Dutch Bantam

Ducks: Roen, Pekin, Muscovy

Quail: Snow Flake, Pharoah, Coturnix

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